Interglass Italy 6-pc Luxury Crystal Wine Goblet Glasses, Vintage Design, Platinum

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This Italian Made Glassware is made of high-quality crystal with use of the "true engraving" technology. Hand-modeled glasses are solely hand-decorated with brushes to create a truly unique design, making them highly noticeable in front of mass produced machine-made competition. Engraved with bright gold and quality-controlled at every phase, this set will be an absolutely beautiful addition to your premium drink-ware collection. 

  • Set includes: Six Glasses (10 Oz)
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2" in Height, 4 1/4" in Diameter
  • Superior Quality Luxury Crystal, Platinum Plated
  • Made in Italy, Vintage Design
  • Unique and sophisticated gift, Dishwasher Safe