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6 Russian "Graneniy" Square Faceted Drinking Tea Glasses W/metal Glass Holders

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Hand made beautiful glasses from the republic of Belarus. An old Russian tradition of tea drinking during a long train ride required being able to hold a glass filled with hot tea. These glasses fit a metal glass holder "podstakannik" or they can be used by themselves. A beautiful design on the glass is sure to decorate your dinner table. The holders "podstakannik" are designed in the old tradition and are dishwasher safe. The glasses fit the holders perfectly as they were designed as a set.

  • Set of 6 Russian Granyonyi-square faceted glasses w/metal holders
  • Suitable for hot or cold liquids
  • 200 ml / 7 oz glass is slightly tapered from top to bottom measuring 2 3/4" top diam. x 2.75" bottom diam. x 4" high
  • also ideal as trattoria glasses for serving table wines Italian style