Home Essentials, 10-Oz DOF Whisky "Bubble" Glass, Set of 8

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Designed with a legacy of quality and beauty, we bring you classical with a contemporary spin. Weighty, clubby and exquisitely chic, Ashcroft’s best whiskey glasses are reflective of the fine whiskey and spirits you favor. Enhancing the pleasure of every sip, our whisky glasses are an impressive addition to the well-stocked bar for both entertaining and everyday use. Our glassware is synonymous with elegance. Uniquely designed, these stunning glass liquor glasses will be the envy of your friends as you sit back and relax over a fine whiskey or cocktail.

• Set Includes: 8 Heavy-Weight Glasses
• Stunning, Easy to to Drink from, non-leaded glasses
• Lead-free whisky tumblers that hold 10 ounces
• Ideal to be used as Old Fashioned glasses, Scotch glasses or Low Ball glasses
• Fantastic addition to your own home bar accessories