Neman, 2 Oz. Crystal Cut Sherry Glasses, 24K Vintage Liqueur Cordial Set of 6

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Neman WG7565G, 2 Oz. Hand-Made Crystal Cut Sherry Glasses, 24K Gold-Plated Classic Vintage Liqueur Cordial Glasses, Wedding Drinkware, Set of 6

  • Height: 5.75"; Top Diameter: 2". This set is an exquisite example of the most intricate and complex crystal cutting techniques combined with unique glassblowing tradition that came to us from the depths of centuries.
  • Elegantly handcrafted from radiant high-quality crystal, this set is a perfect choice for a formal dinner or just a casual drink with friends or family.
  • On their stems, glasses feature crystal buttons that allow you to hold the glass without the heat of your hand effecting the temperature of the drink.
  • From annual birthdays and holidays to once in a lifetime weddings and christenings, it will be a great gift idea for any special occasion.
  • Sophisticated and reliable, each glass is a true testament to life's most meaningful celebrations.