RORO Wedding Gift, Jeweled Bohemia Crystal Parrot Purple Vase with Swarovski

RORO Wedding Gift, Jeweled Bohemia Crystal Parrot Purple Vase with Swarovski

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Symphony crystal clear and unique technology continue to affect the world, let the world appreciates without a break. Robbie Rodin enamel color will attain European tradition of enamel technology and perfect combination of modern design, the use of unique color enamel and crystal, crystal clear, creating both functional and decorative features of Pierre have become home life and decoration goods on behalf of the brand, deduce taste and wonderful modern home life. Robbie Rodin enamel go through each piece up to a year or even years of development process, in order to maintain the delicate and quality of products, from conception to the drawing, from carving to color go through repeated scrutiny, the entire production process needs 160 different processes to complete, can be described as talent. Heartwarming colors, elegant design, swarovski decoration, luxury European style, Robbie Rodin design - do you need something more special, more beautiful? This vase will attract all looks of your family, friends and guests, who definitely will be amazed with its fantastic view. It will look stylishly in any interior of any apartment. Also, it is perfect gift for a person you want to surprise. Item is sold in beautiful solid case.

  • Enameled Bohemia Crystal
  • Robbie Rodin Design
  • Swarovski Decoration, European Style
  • Unique and elegant gift for any event
  • Sold in Solid Case