Laguiole Knifes

Laguiole is the place in France where Laguiole knives and Laguiole pocket knives are made. The Laguiole knife has been used in the south of France for over 200 years. The knives were traditionally made for shepherds and local farmers. Soft and subtle to the touch, a Laguiole knife will stay sharp and will never rust. Review our product:


(D) Laguiole French Knife Set on Magnetic Block 4pc, Vintage (Black)(D) Laguiole French Hand Made Pocket Knife, Vintage (Wood Handle)(D) Laguiole French Hand Made Pradel 1920 Bread Knife, Vintage (White)(D) Laguiole French Hand Made Salami (Saucisson) Cave with Knife, Vintage

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