Decanter Set

The best whiskey decanters are stylish yet functional. Present and preserve your finest wines and spirits in style by updating your glassware and d...


These modern-style kitchen trays help you to carry the food wherever you want and became a beautiful decorative piece for your coffee table. Review...

Honey Dish

Sweeten up your kitchen Decor with a beautiful new Honey Dish! Review our products: 

Fountain with Cups

This fountain with cups is perfect for sharing your vine blessing with guests and family. Review our product:


 This Hanukkah Menorah is a specially designed candelabra for your Hanukkah celebration. Review our products:

Candle Holders

This elegant crystal candelabra is a beautiful addition to any table for any holiday. Review our products:

Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are handy kitchen tools help home chefs add not just a taste for their dish but bring kitchen design to the next leve...


Choose beautiful and artistic in design, the most suitable Mezuzah to Hang it on just about every doorway that belongs to you. Review our products:...

Dinner Set Dilagio

Beautifully packaged dinner set for a wide range of occasions such as: weddings, holiday parties, catered events, birthdays. Review our products: h...

Matzah Plate

This Matzah Plate is perfect for serving a variety of food such as matzah, snacks, desserts, fruits, appetizers, raw veggies, cupcakes, cookies, an...

Kiddush Cup

Fill up the kiddush cup with your favorite wine or grape juice, and watch the light of your candle sparkle in the hammered elements, adding meaning...


This contemporary menorah is sleek and stylish, with a shiny finish that makes it holiday ready. Review our products: