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Espresso Cups and Saucers

Start your mornings off right admiring these well-crafted, espresso cups and saucers. Review our products:

Natural Materials Items

These items from natural materials such as wood, stone, canvas will bring fresh accents to your home and create a peaceful environment! Review our ...

Decorative Baskets

This decorative basket offers everything needed for great organization and decoration around the home. Review your products:

Serving Sets

Entertain your guests in #style with unique and stunning #serving sets. Review our products:

Christmas Decoration

Get inspired to try this mix of popular, traditional and modern Christmas decoration. Review our products:

Interglass Italy Luxury Vintage Glass

Gold tiny decor, the elongated graceful shape and the #crystal clear glass famous Italian Glass factory, are all characteristics of our #vintage In...

Ceramic Gifts

Browse our unique selection of ceramic dinnerware and figurines to find unique and special gifts for any occasions:

Steak Knives

This steak knives traditionally designed to help you cut through thick pieces of meat or become a perfect gift for special occasion. Review our pro...


Our fabulous range of wine and beer goblets are inspired by a range of themes from yesteryear including Greek Ellada, Roman Empire, Medieval, and V...

Oval Platters

This oval platters will add a touch of elegance to any holiday table. These platters can also stand alone as a decorative piece. Review our product...

Glass Bowl

These glass bowls are made of high-quality glass material. You can use it to serve desserts, ice cream, fruit, salad or use it as a jewelry holder....