Robbie Rodin enameled and Hand-Colored Glassware

These beautiful vases, candelabrums,  glasses, and bowls will add a simple twist of charm to each room in your home. They can stand alone next to a favorite picture or as a table centerpieces setting making a big statement with a grouping of 3 or 4.   It is a perfect combination of modern design with the use of unique colored enamel and crystal. Review our products:


RORO Wedding Gift, Jeweled Bohemia Crystal Parrot Purple Vase with Swarovski RORO Wedding Gift, Jeweled Bohemian Crystal Wine Decanter Set, Versace-inspiredRORO Wedding Gift, Jeweled Metal Wine Bottle Holder, Swarovski DecorationRORO Wedding Gift, Enameled and Jeweled Bohemia Crystal Fruit Backet, Swarovski

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