(D) Glass Challah Board with Chain Design Embroidered Black Leatherette 16'' x 11'' (Gold Embroidery)

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This exceptional challah board exemplifies intricate craftsmanship with its three-layer construction. Crafted from high-grade embroidered leatherette, it rests elegantly on a robust lucite base, finished with a scratch-resistant glass top. It sets a new standard for sophistication. Striking. Contemporary. Polished. Prepare for a remarkable enhancement of your table presentation!

  • Dimensions: 16” x 11”
  • Three-Layered Craftsmanship: Leatherette Sheet, Lucite Base, Scratch-Resistant Glass Top
  • Sturdy Lucite Base for Durability
  • Redefining Elegance with a Modern Touch
  • Enhances Your Table Setting with a Breathtaking Transformation