(D) Salt Keeper - Jar Laguiole Berard French Round Concrete Salt Cellar (2 PC)

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Located in the mountains of Provence, Berard has specialized in creating hand-crafted olive wood boards, bowls and kitchen utensils since 1892. This beautiful and intriguing salt keeper that makes you kitchen unique. With its wide mouth and sturdy base, this salt keeper makes it easy and convenient to grab a pinch and season to taste as you cook.

  • Salt Cellar Set Includes: Ceramic Jar and Lid
  • Lid is Handcrafted Out Of Single Piece of Olive Wood, Bowl Made from Ceramic
  • Keep Your Salt Housed In This Stylish Olive Wood And Ceramic Salt Keeper
  • Fill This Salt Keeper With Whatever Seasoning Or Herb Your Heart Desires
  • Made in France