RORO Wedding Gift, Set of 2 Luxury Enameled and Jeweled Bohemia Crystal 8.5-oz Beverage Tumblers, Swarovski Decoration, Luxury Home Accessories

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Symphony crystal clear and unique technology continues to affect the world. Robbie Rodin enameled and hand-colored glassware retains finest European traditions of glass-making technology. It is a perfect combination of modern design with the use of unique colored enamel and crystal. Creating both functional and decorative items has became a signature of the brand. Enjoy upscale taste of the modern life. Robbie Rodin enamel goes through long-term development process, in order to maintain the color and quality of products. From concept drawing to production, from carving to color, products go through repeated refinement. The entire production process needs 160 different stages to complete, can only be performed by highest talented glass artisans. Heartwarming colors, Swarovski crystals, romantic French style this is the Robbie Rodin design philosophy. Do you need something special and beautiful for a gift? This amazing product will attract all looks of your family, friends and guests, they will definitely be amazed with its fantastic view. It will look stylishly in any interior of the most upscale apartment or house. Sold in beautiful solid case, packed carefully for damage-free delivery.

  • Enameled Bohemia Crystal
  • Volume: 8.5 Oz, Height: 6.5"
  • Robbie Rodin Design
  • Unique and elegant gift for any event
  • Safe to clean in the dishwasher