Uzbek 5 Level 20 Qt 18/10 SS Steamer Warmer Cooker Mantovarka Manti Cookware

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This dumpling steamer is made to prepare perfectly steamed Chinese or oriental dumplings - manti, and can also be used to cook every possible steamed dish imaginable! The steamer is 2 separate pots of 6" and 10" high. Water for making steam is poured into the 6" bottom pot, while food is placed onto the 5-tiered inserts into the upper 10" pot which is bottomless (can use from 1 to 5 inserts at a time). The smaller pot can also be used as a simple casserole with the included tempered glass cover.

  • 5 Tiered Multi-Use Stainless Steel 18/10 Steamer Set
  • 8 pieces: 6" Pot, 10" Pot, 5-Round Inserts, 12" Tempered Glass Lid
  • 1-Tempered 12" glass lid fits either pot. 6" Pot can be used separately as a casserole
  • Used for Dumplings, Uzbek Manty, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, etc.
  • Works with Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen, Dishwasher safe